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What is telehealth in the UK?

Telehealth uses computers and mobile devices to allow access to health care and coaching services from wherever you are. Generally, telehealth is not just a telephone conversation but video as well.

Some examples of telehealth include:

Across almost all medical specialities, telehealth services can be applied in connecting specialists with different clients in different locations via real-time audio and video.

To access telehealth online you will need an internet connection as well as a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

What are the components of telehealth?

Here at Team Clinic Services, we use telehealth to meet virtually with our clients. It’s been a useful way of seeing and assessing clients for years but has become more popular and practical during the pandemic

As telehealth has become widespread, professionals and clients have grown more comfortable connecting virtually, so many of us are doing it every day in our professional lives.

Why use video consultation?

Video assessments can provide a flexible, practical and effective solution to coaching professionals through the challenges which may be holding them back. We can deliver assessment, advice and coaching from the live video!

Who uses telehealth?

Telehealth can take the place of face to face meetings in some coaching and assessment arenas. Its benefits in performance health coaching are huge and include:

Easy access to specialist coaches

Contact and meet with our specialist coaches, wherever you are in the world!

Lower cost

No travel expense or petrol costs to consider, simply log onto a virtual call.

Rural living

Country living has many benefits, but fast access to coaching specialists based in London and around the world isn’t always one of them.

No need to take time out of work

Busy professionals can easily access our telehealth during their lunchtime break on their smartphone or laptop without the need to take any time off work.

No need for childcare

If you are a busy parent you will understand all too well the struggle of reliable childcare when you have a meeting or appointment. Telehealth eliminates this need, as well as the additional cost that childcare can incur.

Physical assessment at home

For people requiring physical assessment, telehealth allows clinical therapists to view movement using the video element of the telehealth call.

What are the main benefits of using telehealth in health coaching?

Today, with virtual living as the norm, conventional face to face health coaching sessions are no longer required. With enhanced decision-making and greater self-efficacy, individuals working with telehealth coaches display increased confidence and the readiness to succeed with their health goals.

Our coaches are experts in behaviour change and empower individuals to adopt and maintain positive lifestyle choices. By creating a virtual environment for clients to uncover the challenges which may be holding them back, coaches can illuminate the path to a growth mindset that can drive long-lasting change.

Virtual Health Coaches work with clients to improve their overall health and well-being by developing individualised courses to assist clients in achieving specific goals.

Telehealth Guidance by NHS

The NHS published guidance in January 2021 to update the Code of Conduct for Data-Driven Health and Care Technologies.

The guidance provides a set of good practice principles that third-party partners should follow. The Principles set out the standards the NHS will use to assess any telehealth innovation, helping to protect those involved, which is great.

Telehealth Consultations Near Me

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