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What Is Performance Health Coaching?

Performance health coaching combines known scientifically researched techniques to amplify your body and mind with a bespoke 12-week course.

We help you build the mindset, emotional reflex and strength you need in the ultra-competitive world we live in.

Focus is on how to access leadership state, hone communication skills and mentally and physically transform, pushing through walls that may have previously held you back from success.

What is a Performance Health Coach?

All of our enthusiastic and experienced health coaches have senior experience in the sport, health and fitness industry.

Performance Health Coaching is a clinical relationship between you and your coach. It starts with a complimentary virtual consultation to review your health and fitness so that we can create a custom 12-week course for you.

During this appointment, you’ll have an opportunity to meet 1-2-1 with one of our certified health coaches or Julia (TCS founder) and discuss your personal challenges and goals.

You’ll receive initial feedback and learn more about how performance health coaching can help you to move forwards.

Who is performance health coaching for?

Performance coaching is basically helping someone tap into their own greatness. Our coaching is rooted in science and helps identify your goals and what may be holding you back from them.

This is supported by a 12-week course that offers content resources to help support you on your journey.

Some of our clients are high performing professionals struggling with a range of issues such as; mental health, injury and chronic pain.

These factors are impacting work and life, blocking success. We help our clients to overcome these mental and physical challenges.

Online Performance Health Coaching: How does it work?

Changing habits and mindsets can be tough. The beauty of Performance Health Coaching is that you don’t have to do it alone. The first step is deciding to take action.

The certified coaches at Team Clinic Services will implement a specialist course to assist you in achieving and exceeding your personal goals.

We are with you every step during your journey; educating you, strengthening your body and mind and building on your individual strengths.

Our performance coaches will help you improve all aspects of your life; from training and nutrition to mindset, their goal is to get you the results you want.

We have created a new integrated performance management model which incorporates the 4 pillars of our course:

#1 Reducing physical stress - Enabling you to stay motivated and on track for success

#2 Resolving underlying challenges - We help you discover what could be holding you back

#3 Increase confidence - Discover a winners outlook in business

#4 Boost your fitness - Boost your energy levels in every area of your life

Performance health coaching versus wellbeing coaching?

It’s a different struggle for everyone, but we all struggle. It could be work, it could be sports, it could be your health, but it’s human nature to need some support from time to time to push through challenges.

Performance health coaching helps you to break through those barriers which have been holding you back using scientific knowledge from the world of sport.

Well-being coaching on the other hand is an approach to understanding all-around wellbeing and doesn't always encompass physical health.

Our performance coaches work with elite athletes and sports teams and understand how to get the best out of you, be that in your home life, in business or in sports.

Performance Health Coaching Near Me

Start on a road to see positive changes in your life, driven by the knowledge and support of team clinics' performance coaches.

Get in touch for a complimentary 1-2-1 discovery call with founder, Julia to explore the next steps.

*Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Team Clinic Services does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment


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