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From Team Clinic Services and our official partners

The Sporting Club was founded by the multi-award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster, Ian Stafford, in 2017. A modern, diverse club for business professionals to use, work, meet and network. 


Lumen is a centre of excellence for advanced health assessments and preventative medicine.

Their state of the art facility and advanced diagnostic suite on Harley Street London, allows them to detect health issues within you that can affect your future health.


B-Cure Laser is based on LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) technology, also known as Cold Laser, Soft Laser, Phototherapy or Photobiomodulation therapy. Its therapeutic effects include; pain relief, cellular metabolism, increased collagen production and reduced inflammation to name but a few. Their laser products are available to buy and use at home.

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Anatomy Matters helps elite athletes and dedicated sportsmen, drastically improve both their physical and mental performance so they keep their competitive edge.​

For over 21 years, their unique programmes have helped align the mind and body of our premier clients which include Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, BAFTA, and BRIT Award recipients, along with Premiership football, rugby, and tennis champions. 

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