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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's answer any questions you may have about our services and coaching


What services do you offer?

Online performance health coaching delivered via online courses or telehealth video consultations.

What is health performance?

Health performance is a way to maximise physical and mental ability.


By leveraging health and fitness to breakthrough challenges and transform your body and mind, you will perform at an optimum level and achieve greater levels of success. 


This can be applied to the world of business as well as the world of sport.  Have a read of our popular blog which explains in more detail exactly what performance health coaching is and how it can be of benefit to you. 


How does Team Clinic Services enhance performance?

Team Clinic Services firstly addresses any underlying or subconscious issues that could be sabotaging your progress.  We help you develop behaviours and habits in line with your goals. 


Our techniques help you regain mental and physical balance throughout your whole body and guide you through a systematic, scientific progressive course that will maximise your strengths and transform your body and mind.

How do I contact Team Clinic Services for support?

Please go to our contact page, provide us with your preferred contact information and a brief outline of what you need help with.  We will then be in touch and we can arrange a call or telehealth session.


What is the purpose of initial consultation before I can purchase my course or telehealth?

At Team Clinic Services we want to give the best advice based on our knowledge and experience.


The initial consultation is the foundation upon which we build a solution that truly works to address your unique requirements and get you the optimum results in the most efficient way.

What can I expect from my complimentary consultation?

During your initial complimentary consultation (usually performed by a video call) we will review your medical, sport and fitness history.


This helps us to really understand your past and present challenges as well as your future goals and expectations. We will then discuss what is important to you, agree on the next stage and the best course of action.

How do I need to prepare for my consultation?

You will be guided through an initial questionnaire and be open and honest about your current situation to enable us to provide you with the most suitable solution for you.

Are all Team Clinic Services Consultants qualified and insured?

Yes, all consultants and coaches hold the highest qualifications in their field of expertise and are insured as this is a legal requirement.

Can I purchase one-off consultations?

Once you have had your initial complimentary consultation, we advise the next best phase for you. If you have a preferred coach or consultant you would like to work with you can book individual appointments with them.

Can I use Private Health Insurance?

Currently, you are unable to use private health insurance directly with us. However, we are happy to communicate with your insurers if you require. It is always worth exploring as some insurers may pay for coaching consultations.

How regularly would I need to make appointments for telehealth consultations?

This depends on the challenges that the client wants to overcome. Everyone responds differently and at a different pace.


We aim to work with the client to help them to achieve their goals at a pace that is comfortable for them and in a time frame in line with our experience, research and expectation.

Does Team Clinic Services have a strict privacy policy?

Yes, please view our privacy policy to find out more. 

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