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Introducing Julia, Matt and Helen

Julia has over 20 years of senior experience in the sport, health and fitness industry while also being a Body Mind Practitioner. Matt has over 25 years of experience as a health coach studying the human mind in different forms including neuroscience and quantum physics. Helen has over 12 years’ experience with a BSc in Human Nutrition and MSc in Applied Sports and Exercise Nutrition

Julia's story

I have been fortunate to have worked with many dynamic and successful individuals from elite athletes to award winning celebrities and top flight executives and entrepreneurs. With extensive experience working alongside leading medical professionals as well as in my own life, has resulted in having an acute understanding and knowledge of the demands that are placed on the body through rigorous training, work, your environment and everyday life. I noticed there is a crossover of skill set from sport into business and vice versa that many athletes move on to a corporate career or start their own business and tend to be very successful.

I believe sport, health and fitness is very important in society and creating success. However I observed that it is not always easy to make the transition and once there maintaining health and fitness along with managing old injuries if not properly understood can have an adverse effect. Whether in sport or business prolonged stress be it physical or psychological has a negative impact on all aspects of life and can be the cause of poor health and chronic pain.



Since 2004 Julia has been a core therapist at Wimbledon Tennis Championships other clients include Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, BAFTA, and BRIT Award Recipients, along with Premiership football, rugby players, and tennis champions.


At Team Clinic Services we are committed to providing a trusted space for leaders to consistently stay at the top of their game where the reward is long-term quality of life, wealth and success through the power of fitness and sport and know wherever they are in the world they always have their own TEAM.


I experienced this myself when having to make significant changes to my business, consciously I was doing all the right things but was unable to move forward and felt blocked with both work and fitness and was aware of an increase in physical pain that I couldn’t overcome. As we go through life we experience things that block our ability to achieve and increase our levels of success. I evaluated these processes and reset back to the default where I had no fears or boundaries and improved how I processed my present and future experiences. Using a combination of scientifically researched techniques I was able to determine what barriers were holding me back, remove subconscious fears, negative thoughts and get back on the right path.

Once I regained my confidence life started to flow in the right direction, stress, pressure and tension was eliminated, I got fitter, healthier, happier, focused and motivated once again. I discovered that the key to drastically improving health and fitness was to unearth and clear all the hidden problems that are creating physical and mental stress and once this is achieved not only does your health improve but also your level of enjoyment and success in life. It is with this in mind I created Team Clinic Services to make it easier to stay fit and well, manage injuries and provide solutions that effectively address the pressure and stress associated with business. Whether transitioning from sport to business or keeping you at the top of your game once you are there.


Introducing Matt Hudson

Over 25 years of experience as a health coach studying the human mind in different forms including neuroscience and quantum physics.

Join me in a one to one Break Through Session to clear your EMI and overcome long-term dis-ease that modern medical treatments cant resolve. 

Matt's story

I base my work on the finite communication that most people ignore. 

The past 25+ years I have been studying the human mind in different forms including neuroscience and quantum physics.

My history as a person has lead me to be able to help many people overcome the troubles within their mind that themselves and other doctors/professionals may have not known about.

"Years ago, I had surgery on my ears, in post-op with the doctor who performed the surgery said to me “how do you speak the way you do?” I found out he wasn’t referring to my Geordie (Newcastle, UK) accent!"


He was astonished that I could even speak given the state of my ears! This led me to realise that when I was communicating with people, I wasn’t using my ears, I use other forms of subtle non-verbal communication; watching the hands move, and small facial twitches. 

The principles of Matt's work is based on biofield science, external screen model, the sub-concious mind, general adaptation syndrome and non-verbal communication.


Communication is connected to neurology… and this is what I base my work on.

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Introducing Helen Money

Helen has over 12 years experience with a BSc in Human Nutrition and a MSc in Applied Sports Nutrition and is contracted to Oxford, Cambridge and Westminster Universities as a lecturer and consultant

Helen's story

Helen is contracted by Oxford University to provide nutrition support to the blues sports teams and elite level student athletes.

Helen is also a consultant to Cambridge University press working on the nutrition society's world leading research journals and a guest lecturer at the University of Westminster.

Helen found her love of Nutrition whilst working in the City as a fund manager  where performance, responsibility, accuracy, intense pressure and long hours are part of life in this high profile service.

Helen became aware of the difference the right diet can make whether in the boardroom, sport or home, the right food is integral for achieving enhanced health, well-being and success.

Sports nutrition provides a combination of strategies to enhance physical and athletic performance the benefits of which are a delay in fatigue and promotes energy so you can keep going, stabilising the immune function decreasing the risk of poor health and sickness, improves cognitive performance, co-ordination, concentration so you can focus as well as optimising strength, power, and endurance during physical training.

The amalgamation of Helen's qualifications, work and life experience enables her to provide nutrition advice and give evidence of progress through data in a way that is practical and achievable and consistent with the expectations of those who desire to keep winning

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