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Performance health coaching & telehealth created for athletic entrepreneurs and executives

324 Impact Coaching

We give you 3 Steps to achieve 4 impactful results which will help you build physical and mental toughness, improve problem solving to adjust quickly and positively, gain greater mental and physical control, greater focus , stay calm under pressure, improve decision making, be more alert to opportunities and risks and increase energy and overall well-being with higher levels of fitness.

This is in-person confidential live video assessments which provide a flexible, practical and effective solution where we can deliver assessment, advice and coaching.


No need for travel and time-consuming visits to the clinic. Appointments are made at a time convenient to you while you are at home, work or abroad.


To attend your  telehealth appointment you need internet access on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.



About the course

Our 12-week progressive coaching course is the first stage to improving physical and mental performance.


We will help you overcome and break through the challenges you are currently facing with health and fitness and get you back in the game, enjoying life and success, winning in business as well as sport.


We will coach you step by step through the science behind this method and re-educate, retrain and strengthen both your body and mind.



Find the underlying issues that are limiting you.  We then support you to progress effectively and quickly. Getting you relaxed and moving.



Redress and regain balance throughout the body includes muscles, joints and nerves, prevents injuries and pain. Core strength, balance, co-ordination upgrading your cognitive abilities through movement.



Increase your full body strength so you can get fitter faster.

Making you a T.E.A.M member

The course is designed to integrate the mind and body into a powerful interconnected unit using:

T =


Scientifically researched Body and Mind techniques to help you develop behaviours and habits in line with what you desire to achieve.

E =


Bring out underlying weaknesses to clear them allowing you to strengthen and improve.

A =


Build on your strengths.

M =
Mind & Body


Mentally and physically reset and transform.



Follow expert advice wherever you are.



Success is not a stroke of luck. Follow proven, actionable strategies to become the most self-realized and high-achieving person possible.



Julia's team of experienced coaches will be available to answer your questions and provide you with any support that you may need throughout the whole process.

How it works


Online Performance Health Coaching

physical stress

Enabling you to stay motivated and maximise your success

underlying challenges

Clear them for greater achievement

your fitness

Boost your energy so you maintain your advantage

your confidence

Keeping your
"winners" outlook

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