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Welcome To Mind-Drive

Stop the burnt out savior syndrome and take your team from autopilot to empowered for success.

Welcome to Mind-Drive with Team Clinic Services start to take back control of mind, body and life with Mind-Drive Coaching.


We will walk you through this coaching quicker than ever before and within 3 -4 sessions participants will

▪ Re -connect with ambition and motivation

▪ Feel calmer under pressure

▪ Regain a positive and clear state of mind to problem solve more effectively.

▪ Take control of thoughts and have more positive interactions

▪ Improve focus, energy and confidence to make positive changes and build stronger relationships


If you would like to become our next success story with Mind -Drive Coaching contact us TODAY

Mentally and physically re-set, transform and outperform your former self like never before.

Team Clinic Services is a Health and Fitness Coaching platform founded by Julia Pizzichemi  for health conscious and athletic executives and entrepreneurs .


We are a team of trusted highly skilled experts in high performance health which includes performance enhancement, behaviour change, mind health, exercise therapy and nutrition.


Our coaches have a combined experience of 61 years which includes working with elite athletes from premiership football to rugby players, and tennis champions.  


Other clients include Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, BAFTA, and BRIT Award Recipients, high performing  executives and have collaborated in research with Leeds Beckett University and contracted by Oxford University to provide nutrition support to elite level student athletes and consult with Cambridge University press working on the world leading research journals and lecturer at the University of Westminster.


Get To Know Our Founder

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