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Elevating You From
Decline To Dynamic Performance 

Online performance health coaching for athletic entrepreneurs and executives 

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 Performance Health Coaching

Performance Health Coaching conditions the mind and body to withstand pressure, stress, anxiety and eliminate chronic pain , burnout and overwork to remain competitive and win in business, life and sport.


This is an effective type of coaching that uses a combination of sports specific and mind training methods to replicate many of the same physical and psychological responses in business. These techniques enhance mental and physical performance ,endurance and  condition the mind and body to improve how they respond to future stressors.

We provide 1 to 1 telehealth consultations with our team of experts in performance enhancement, behavior change, mind health, exercise therapy and nutrition and a downloadable course.

The Benefits

Builds physical and mental toughness

Improve ability to problem solve and adjust quickly and positively

Gain greater physical and mental control

Develop greater focus

Increase your ability to stay calm under pressure

Improve dynamic decision making

Be  more alert to opportunities and risks

Increase your sense of overall well-being 

Increase energy


Regain your drive and get back to enjoying life


Building Resilience And Well-being

The biggest mistake made is only addressing the mechanical aspects of health and fitness and failing to integrate the emotional and psychological. Unlike other well-being companies Team Clinic Services method takes an integrated approach to mind and body which means less time wasted, speeding up results and saving money. Clients can then leverage greater levels of fitness to maintain peak performance, reinvent their careers and maximize their success.


The outcome of this process is having the ability to successfully adapt to difficult or challenging experiences through physical, mental, emotional and behavioral flexibility and strength and adjust to the demands both internally and externally.

By combining over 20 years of knowledge and senior experience in the sport, health, and fitness industries we have effective strategies that you can implement today.



Who is it for?

Performance Health Coaching is ideal for former athletes, entrepreneurs, executives and business owners who are looking to maximise success in any area of their lives.  High-performing executives and world-class athletes elevate themselves through Team Clinic Services. Their pursuit of excellence is propelled in partnership with the right performance coach.

We understand the stresses of busy and demanding lives, which is why all of our services are based around you.  No need to schedule travel time or child care when you can access your appointment and specialist remotely. 

Why does it exist?

We know that former athletes and business professionals carry stressful responsibilities and often lack support. Team Clinic Services coaching helps them maintain peak performance and transform their body & mind so they can reinvent their careers for greater success. 

Access our services whenever and wherever you are with convenient telehealth video consultations and our 12-week remote course.


How It Works 



Follow expert advice and guidance from our team of body and mind coaches wherever you are.

How It Works



Success is not a stroke of luck. Follow proven, actionable strategies to become the most self-realized and high-achieving person possible.



Julia's team of health & wellbeing coaches will be available to answer your questions and provide you with any support that you may need throughout the whole process.


Online Performance Health Coaching Benefits

physical stress

Enabling you to stay motivated and maximise your success

underlying challenges

Clear them for greater achievement

your fitness

Boost your energy so you maintain your advantage

your confidence

Keeping your
"winners" outlook

Our Clients Receive The Following Benefits

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